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Lab Grown .97 Carat Loose Diamond

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  • Lab grown diamonds are chemically and optically the same as a natural mined diamond.  The difference is where they are created.  Mined diamonds are created by nature 150 miles below the earths surface and lab diamonds are grown in a laboratory.  
  • Item #7147 
  • .97 Carat Total Lab Grown Diamond
  • 6.38x6.42x3.86mm
  • D Color and VS1 Clarity
  • Cut:  Excellent
  • Lab Report by:  International Gemological Institute
  • Guaranteed Lifetime Diamond Trade up with no minimum
  • Unique laser inscription on each diamond
  • We have a vast selection of ring, pendant, or earring settings on our website and in store to try on.
  • Photo represents shape or cut, not specific diamond.  Please come in to view.
  • We can order different lab grown diamonds in assortment of sizes and shapes.  
Lab Grown .97 Carat Loose Diamond
Lab Grown .97 Carat Loose Diamond