Better Built Rings

Our local ownership, experience, and Oregon grown values enable us to offer better choices in products and a higher level of service to you, without compromise on quality or price.

How To Build A Better Ring:

young couple choosing engagement ring   1.  Hands On Selection Experience  

The selection of your ring style is the most personal step to building your ring. Come to Wilsonville Diamond to try on hundreds of styles and find the perfect look for you.

  • You will enjoy trying on over 400 ring and band styles, double the stock of many others.
  • Sit down, take your time, and nibble on a fine chocolate. We can even offer a glass of wine.
  • Our styles are completely customizable in gem type, size, shape, and metal choice.
  • The use of your gemstones is welcome.
  • Your selection will be made just for you; we never just alter our case samples.

   2.  A Better Diamond and A Better Price

Selecting a diamond to wear for a lifetime can be an easy decision, with the right jeweler. We have the knowledge and the passion to provide you with the diamond you will be proud to present and wear.

  • We help you select your diamond using the GIA grading system and lab certifications.
  • You can view your choices under our gem scope and compare them against master stones.
  • We only buy conflict free diamonds from USA vendors and come thru the Kimberly Process.
  • We offer environmentally responsible mined and certified diamonds from Canada.
  • Our direct purchasing along with low overhead and lower mark-up gives you the best price.
  • Hundreds of additional choices are available for overnight delivery.

   3. The Right Ring All The Way Around   

Your ring will be made to order, one at a time, by skilled USA Master Craftsmen for superior quality. Our preferred manufacture uses only recycled precious metals in all their products.

  • Made for you, in the USA. Never mass produced overseas then altered.
  • Cast in your finger size before any stones are set for much higher quality and security.
  • Recycled, earth friendly metals and processes.
  • Made for your diamond size and shape, and in any precious metal choice.
  • Fast delivery, one to two weeks to make your new ring.
  • Your money stays local to be put back into our community.
  • Environmentally, economically, and socially correct choices.

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