Jewelry Appraisals

Bruce Eicher examines a piece of jewelry.Whether you want to add your jewelry to your insurance policy, need to evaluate assets, or document an unknown piece of jewelry, we can help. 
We can look over most pieces for free while you wait, and let you know whether further evaluation is warranted. We'll also give you a free verbal evaluation if you’re considering consigning your jewelry item with us.

A full written appraisal with description, gem qualities, value and photographs is $75. This meets or exceeds insurance company requirements.

If you have an old but complete appraisal from another source, we can update it to our full format, renew the value and retake photos for $55.

We also do an abbreviated description list evaluation for multiple simple items. The cost is $20 per item with a three item minimum.  This should satisfy your insurance carrier for items under $1000 or maybe $2000.

We will tailor the evaluation of our written appraisals for your intended purpose:
  • Insurance Replacement Value: Retail price to replace new with same quality, including inflation for 3 to 5 years.
  • Fair Market New Value: Competitive sale price today.
  • Used Liquidation Value: Competitive used price, less consignment fees or commissions.

Please give us a call at 503-682-1100 or stop in to schedule.