Cash For Gold

Now is the time to clean out your jewelry boxes and Cash In!

You will be pleasantly surprised how much your old, worn, and forgotten gold items will bring.


While city shops and mail away firms pay $135 to $300… You can receive $400 for the handful pictured. And that’s cash on the spot for you!

With a direct relationship with a national refiner and manufacture we can pay you more for your gold items. Our preferred ring manufacture uses only recycled precious metals in all their products.

Do you have items too nice or valuable to melt down?

We can also offer consignment service for your select jewelry and diamonds.  You might consider selling an old mounting for gold cash, then consigning larger loose diamonds with us. Please check our consignment page for further details.

Bring everything you don’t wear, and it will be assessed as you watch. Yellow gold, white gold, two tone, Platinum, Black Hills, 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt, rings, chains, earrings, herringbones, omegas, bracelets, bangles, charms, gold nuggets, dental and gold scrap. Most gems can be removed at no charge for you. Non-gold items will be sorted out and handed back.

You can rest assured of our service and knowledge; Bruce and Katie, owners of Wilsonville Diamond, combine over 35 years experience in the fine jewelry business.

  • We keep our overhead low by running our own business. This also means you get to deal directly with the boss. :)
  • We have a direct trading relationship with one of the country's largest gold refiner and manufacture of bridal rings, giving us a better price.
  • The volume from all our happy customers allows us to take full advantage of today's prices.
  • Your gold recycling is treated as a service to our customers rather than our only source of income, so we don't need to make large margins.
  • You are paid for the full karat weight of your items, not the lesser percentage the refiners refer to as their assessed yield.
  • You get to keep or sell your valuable stones, most are removed while you wait and for no charge. Consignments are accepted for larger diamonds, ect.
  • We also have a strong business in used consignment jewelry for better pieces too nice to recycle. We will give you the choice. Visit Consignment page.
  • We are not spending tons of money (as many are right now) advertising our gold recycling, but have enough business by just word of mouth, thank you!
  • You may also want to reset or re-fashion your jewels. We offer expert advice, fashion ideas and quality workmanship. See our Custom Page

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