Now's the time to clean out jewelry boxes and cash in!

You will be pleasantly surprised how much your old and forgotten gold items will bring

hand holding gold jewelry presented for melting/recycling

While city shops and mail away firms might pay $350 to $600, you can receive $700 for the handful pictured. That’s cash on the spot for you!

With a direct relationship with a national refiner and manufacturer, we can pay you more for your gold items. Our preferred ring manufacturers use only recycled precious metals in all their products.

Do you have items too nice or valuable to melt down?

We can also offer consignment service for your select jewelry and diamonds.  You might also consider selling an old mounting for gold cash, then consigning larger loose diamonds with us. Please check our consignment page for further details.

Bring everything you don’t wear, and we'll assess it as you watch. Yellow gold, white gold, two tone, platinum, Black Hills, 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt, rings, chains, earrings, herringbones, omegas, bracelets, bangles, charms, dental and gold scrap. Valuable gems can be removed at no charge, and we'll sort out non-gold items.

Please give us a call at 503-682-1100 or stop in