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Double Strand Oregon Sunstone Necklace

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Oregon Sunstone


Sunstone is our Oregon State Gem.  Found only in South Central Oregon area near Lakeview.  It’s a feldspar mineral like Labradorite but with unique colors produced by the rare presence of copper in the gem. Nowhere else in the world is this gem found. Our Oregon Sunstone is premium quality, untreated, with many showing deep peach and orange and even rarer reds and greens.  You will also see shimmery veins of suspended copper called schiller in several examples.  Our friend and Wilsonville resident is the miner and accomplished gem cutter, we hand pick from his best Sunstones for you.  You can choose from our custom created ready to wear jewels or select a loose gem or two and we’ll make your special piece.  Either way you will have a beautiful, one-of-a-kind Made In and Native Oregon Treasure!


Unique Custom One-of-a-Kind Sunstone Jewelry 

  • Oregon Sunstone with Yellowish Red color and AA quality
  • Sterling Silver Clasp
  • 18-22" in length
  • Gems Measuring approximately 9x4mm.
  • This is from our Wilsonville Diamond Collection.


Double Strand Oregon Sunstone Necklace
Double Strand Oregon Sunstone Necklace