Bastian Inverun

Matte Ear Circle Stud Earrings

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  • #8360 Sterling Silver Made in Germany
  • Size 27x20.6mm each earring
  • Geometrically inspired ear studs with a fascinating surface design: Two interlocking and interplay of matted and polished decorative elements result in these sporty and elegant earrings. The hand-worked surface structure ensures the special charisma of the characterful piece of design jewelry created by the designer Dietmar Sebastian. Available with matching trailer.

    The most memorable thing about the pieces of jewelry by Osnabrück-based designer Dietmar Sebastian is the surface design. When he started making his jewelry with rough surface structures in the 90s, it was a minor sensation. Among the designers, Dietmar Sebastian is one of the minimalists, because omission is crucial for him. For him there are no decorative applications in jewelry, only the pure form counts.

  • This is from our Bastian Inverun Collection.


Matte Ear Circle Stud Earrings
Matte Ear Circle Stud Earrings