Bastian Inverun

Retro Fever Circle Necklace

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  • #8338 Sterling Silver Made in Germany
  • Size 47x32.6mm Pendant
  • Shown and priced with #3021 a 18“ chain
  • "The Retro Fever Collection": The new three-dimensional retro design line by bastian inverun. 3 interlocking decorative elements made of scratch-matt and matted 925/- sterling silver in an attractive interplay form an exceptionally beautiful, modern pendant created by the Polish designer Arek Wolski. 
  • The well-known designer Arek Wolski, born in Warsaw in 1972, only decided to devote his life to jewelry after studying physical oceanography. He acquired all his knowledge and skills through self-study. His first great love was jewelry, but Wolski now also creates furniture, lamps and sculptures.
  • This is from our Bastian Inverun Collection.